Extracurricular Activities

In addition to formal classroom lessons in Japanese, students are required to attend extracurricular activities.

Noto trip at Kagaya ryokan (Japanese-style inn)
  • Activities can include:
  • Courtesy visiting Ishikawa Prefectural Government Office
  • Kenroku-en (garden) visit
  • A two-day excursion to Noto Peninsula National Park
  • Visits to Kanazawa University and local schools
  • Special lectures on Japanese culture


Students are also encouraged to go out and explore Japanese culture.

Free lessons in traditional Japanese arts are offered in the Ishikawa International Lounge (The selection varies monthly). The activities offered by PII include:

Shigure-tei Teahouse, Kenrokuen Garden
  • making traditional sweets
  • tea ceremony
  • flower arrangement
  • pottery
  • cooking
  • calligraphy
  • music lessons
  • attendance at a Noh play



Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival